‘Boy Who Claimed He Went to Heaven Recants, Publisher Pulls Book’

“The best-selling book that documents a 6-year-old’s journey to heaven and back during the two months he spent in a coma is being pulled from shelves after the boy, who is now 17, recanted his story.”

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An early Christian basilica at Ostia, the ancient port of Rome.

An early Christian basilica at Ostia, the ancient port city of Rome.

The sign with the info.

A walk through the early Christian basilica in Ostia, the ancient port city of Rome.

Ostia, Italy

I’m guessing this was the altar area.

American Speaker

You don’t have to be a professional comedian or have a staff of writers to make an audience laugh, although that certainly helped Jimmy Kimmel and President Obama during this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner last Saturday. The pair kept the audience laughing for nearly an hour by spinning jokes off topics in the news, from the Secret Service scandal to Kim Kardashian’s celebrity.

Here are some techniques you can apply to your presentations:

  1. Record the opening. Last year the president’s speech began with the song “I Am a Real American” while the images on screen included his birth certificate. This year’s performance began with a spoof about an open mic while he was off stage. When you record your opening, you can test it with colleagues and fine-tune it, so you are guaranteed to get a laugh, with no pressure on you for a few minutes to perform…

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Michael Bobo: Resurrected Dogs and Faith « LiturgicalCredo

Michael Bobo: Resurrected Dogs and Faith « LiturgicalCredo.

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